Podcasts, Blogs and Wikis...Oh My!

Wednesday, April 5, 2006 -- 8 am - 2:30 pm at NJIT, Newark, NJ

A one-day seminar designed for non-technical professionals that will give you a broad range of information about podcasts, blogs and wikis. Experts from each field will present information to enhance your understanding and knowledge of these cutting edge marketing tools. The day will include three sessions:

New Technologies in Communications: Podcasting
Podcasts, digital audio programs delivered through Internet-related technologies, can enable communications professionals to reach narrowly-targeted audiences more effectively than mass marketing techniques.

  • Defining podcasts: What are they? Types of Podcasts.
  • Ways that Podcasts are being used in business
  • Downloading and listening to podcasts using iTunes, subscribing to podcasts, devices for viewing podcasts.
  • Using Podcasts to promote products and services
  • Software and hardware that works well for podcasting
  • The technical steps involved in creating a podcast
  • Sources of music that won't cause licensing issues (podcast-friendly music)
  • Some guidelines for professional-sounding podcasts

Corporate and Organizational Weblogging: From First Steps to Communities of Practice
Organizational and Corporate Blogs are transforming the way in which groups communicate-- both within companies/organizations and to the rest of the world. This seminar will bring the participants up to full speed on the world of work-related weblogging and will enable participates to transfer knowledge and engage in informed thinking about how blogs might operate within their own organization. With a focus on using weblogs to encourage (and house, in some cases) Communities of Practice (CoPs), the workshop will engage participants in some real-life problem-based thinking about the technical, ethical, and social aspects of work weblogging, with examples and vignettes from real life weblogging situations.

Wikis At Work
Wikis are often described as "collaborative web sites" and are being used for project management, knowledge sharing and proposal writing. The benefits of this collaborative approach include reducing daily phone calls, e-mails and meeting time as well as encouraging collaboration. Internet research firm, the Gartner Group, predicts that Wikis will become mainstream collaboration tools in at least 50% of companies by 2009. Peter Thoeny, creator of TWiki, a leading Wiki program, says at least 20,000 downloads of his software are being used by businesses. Walt Disney, SAP, Adobe, Nokia, Novell and Motorola are among the corporations using Wikis for collaboration. Participants will learn how Wikis are being used and how to maximize collaboration. A special emphasis will be given to open source and commercial Wiki products, from server installation, to support and security considerations for your intellectual property.

Fee: $300 - your participation will award you Continuing Education Units (CEUs)
and includes breakfast and lunch. Register Now!

Free parking for this event is available on campus in the NJIT secured parking deck.
Directions to campus, parking and maps

Payment is expected at the time of registration. Credit cards are accepted.
Refund policy: 100% refund up to 5 days prior to the day of the event. No refund is given within 5 days of the event.

Email: techexpress@dl1.njit.edu


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