MOOC Basics

If you are still getting up to speed on MOOCs - maybe you haven't even heard of Massive Open Online Courses - here are some resources to introduce them to you.

The Wikipedia page for MOOC is constantly being updated -

Here are some videos, slide presentations and articles on aspects of MOOCs.

Video "What Is a MOOC" youtube/eW3gMGqcZQc

Video "Knowledge in a MOOC"

Video "Success in a MOOC"

"What a MOOC Does

Slideshare: How to Organize a MOOC

Audio: How to Organize a MOOC

Slideshare: Facilitating a MOOC

Education as Platform: The MOOC Experience

Video George Siemens: Interview

Video Howard Rheingold: Interview

Keith Devlin: Math MOOC



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