The Internet Is a Series of YouTubes

tubesThe Internet may seem like "a series of tubes"* to you if have discovered that there is a YouTube EDU, a YouTube for Schools, YouTube for Teachers and even a School of YouTube. So many tubes.

YouTube EDU is a sub-section of YouTube that contains educational content.

YouTube for Schools is a network setting used most often in K-12 schoools that, when implemented, allows a school to access the educational content on YouTube EDU while limiting access to non-educational content on is a how-to site that shows you how to use YouTube in the classroom.

YouTube for Schools brings the power of video to classrooms for free with some filtering available. Learn more here. It gives that selective access a broad set of educational videos on YouTube EDU and to select the specific videos that are accessible from within your school network. 

If you don't have a Google Account for your school, you can sign up for free here, but DO NOT sign up for YouTube for Schools using your personal account.

tubeThe School of YouTube is a new venture that YouTube says is part of their desire to make you "listen, laugh and give."  It opens this week.

Plenty of people use YouTube videos to learn as part of their Personal Learning Network. I just used a video to fix the carburetor on my lawn mower. You may have found a video on how to use a program or how set up hardware. This informal learning is a larger part of our learning experience than ever before.

The School of YouTube (like the ALS ice bucket challenge) is an attempt to raise funds in a new way. YouTube says that the school's curriculum is "uncomplicated, comes without annoying classmates and has only one easy assignment. And that assignment is that when you are done watching a
video, you must donate money to Comic Relief. Money raised from donations will go towards helping give kids an education across some of the world’s poorest countries."

The videos will feature some of YouTube’s most popular stars learning or teaching something new every day. According to a video that YouTube has released, the YouTube stars will perform a variety of tasks from figure skating to salsa dancing, baking a cake to landing a plane. The lessons will be uploaded on YouTube from September 8-12.

"A series of tubes" is a phrase used by then-United States Senator Ted Stevens to describe the Internet. It was part of his opposing network neutrality on June 28, 2006. The phrase took on a life and was widely ridiculed, especially because Stevens headed the committee charged with regulating the Internet.


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