Google Podcasts Goes to the Graveyard


As someone who has used Google Podcasts both as a listener and as one platform for my little poetry podcast, I was disappointed to find that Google is scrapping their podcasts. Why? No explanation but I assume that other platforms (Spotify, Apple et al) have beaten them at that game.

Google has many programs in its cemetery, from big ones like Hangouts, Plus, Picasa, TV and Answers, to ones you probably didn't know existed - Deskbar, Dodgeball, Base, Gears, et al. They are sending Google Podcasts to the cemetery at the end of February. You would think a big player like Google could make this work, but as with social media, they failed.

This means one less place to listen to my WRITING THE DAY podcast, though most of my traffic comes from (in order) from Spotify, Amazon Music , Apple Podcasts and iHeart Radio.

Here is what Google told me:

Recently, we announced that Google Podcasts is going away in 2024. In order to ease this transition, you now have access to a tool that allows you to easily migrate your show subscriptions to YouTube Music or to download a file of your show subscriptions, which you can upload to an app that supports their import. Just like Google Podcasts, with YouTube Music you can listen to podcasts on the go using background play, download podcasts, and more – with no paid membership required. After March 2024, users in the US will no longer be able to listen to podcasts in Google Podcasts.


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