An AI Code of Conduct


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In what I consider to be more of a "business" story, Canada's voluntary AI code of conduct is coming. As an article headline says "not everyone is enthused." Some businesses are concerned rules could stifle innovation and dull competitive edge.

Companies that sign onto the code are agreeing to multiple principles, including that their AI systems are transparent about where and how information they collect is used, and that there are methods to address potential bias in a system. In addition, they agree to human monitoring of AI systems and that developers who create generative AI systems for public use create systems so that anything generated by their system can be detected.

It is interesting that the URL for a story on this includes the term "stopgap" which is defined as a temporary way of dealing with a problem or satisfying a need.

Something similar to Canada's plan is expected to be done in the United States and in the European Union via the EU Artificial Intelligence Act.


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