Trying To Understand Google+

If you're trying to understand what the new Google+ social networking service operated by Google Inc., one way to do that is via the videos Google has posted online demonstrating some of the aspects of the service. Below are three Google+ features.

The service launched on June 28, 2011 and is still in an invite-only testing phase.

Many reviews and articles have said that this is Google's biggest attempt to compete in the social network world with Facebook. Facebook has a tremendous lead with over three quarters of a billion users currently.

Google+ will be built as a layer that not only integrates different previous Google social service attempts, such as Google Profiles and Google Buzz, but also introduces many new features including Circles, Hangouts, Sparks and Huddles.

Google+ will also be available as a desktop application and as an application on Android and iOS operating systems.

Google has not been very successful in doing social and one reason is that they have not been good at explaining in a simple, clear way what a service (like Wave or Buzz) offered. Do these videos help you understand Google+? Did you need videos to understand how to use Facebook?

In this video, Jed introduces Circles with a few thoughts on the nature of friendship.

Amee introduces Hangouts with a few thoughts on the spontaneous get-together.

Miranda introduces Huddle with a few thoughts on getting everyone together

For more on Google's rethinking of real-life sharing for the web, see


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