What Is Your What3Words Address?

The geocode system called what3words was launched in July 2013, but I only discovered it this year. In January 2018, Mercedes-Benz bought approximately 10% of the company and announced what3words support in future versions of the Mercedes-Benz User Experience infotainment and navigation system.

You can find your own address or any address and find out about using the address at what3words.com/using-your-address/  

What3words is a geocode system for the communication of locations with a resolution of three meters. The company story is at what3words.com/our-story/.

What makes What3words differs from most other location encoding systems in that it displays three words rather than long strings of numbers or letters. It encodes geographic coordinates into three dictionary words and the encoding is permanently fixed. For example, the omphalos of Delphi (believed by the ancient Greeks to be the center of the world) is located at "spooky.solemn.huggers".

I took a look at the New Jersey Institute of Technology campus and found that "narrow.jeeps.amuse" locates the entrance I used to my old office on campus, but being accurate to 3 meters, What3words codes "smoke.trail.sticks" to the Central Ave. entrance of that building.

What3words has a website, apps for iOS and Android, and an API that enables bidirectional conversion between what3words address and latitude/longitude coordinates. As the system relies on a fixed algorithm rather than a large database of every location on earth, it works on devices with limited storage and no Internet connection.


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