Filling the App Gap

On Friday, November 13, WCAU, channel 10 in Philadelphia, came to NJIT to film a news story on iPhone and small device application development at NJIT.  The video linked to the image on the left is the full story that aired on November 20, 2009.
NJIT has announced the formation of an additional class section to supplement the 6th iteration of  iPhone OS Application Development.  The upcoming class sections are open to the public and are partially subsidized by a grant from the North Jersey Partners.
The classes will bring the current active enrollment in the iPhone program to over 60 students.  For more information, please see the course description for the upcoming class.

WIRED into Free Tuition for Future iPhone Developers

Free TrainingHave an idea for an iPhone application but don’t know how to make it happen or can’t afford to take a course?

North Jersey Partners has teamed up with the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT) to offer FREE tuition for an online iPhone Application Development course. Taught entirely online by an NJIT instructor, the 10-week course begins on October 19, 2009 and includes the NJIT award of a 3.0 CEU certificate to students upon completion.

The 30-hour online training course teaches computer savvy students the foundation they need to design and implement iPhone and iPod Touch software using the Apple Software Development Kit. They learn how to create and deploy iPhone and iTouch applications on the software simulator and hardware devices. Participants can practice installing their applications and learn the Apple AppStore submission process so their independent developer Apps can potentially be offered by Apple as paid, downloadable commercial software packages. This class also provides enrolled students memberships in the Apple Developer portal.

Those interested in applying via SMS for the free-tuition subsidy for this class can text IPHONE to 35350 and will receive by return text message a link to the application. The application process runs from October 5 - 16, 2009. All applicants must: meet eligibility requirements, have broadband access to the Internet, and have access to a Macintosh computer capable of running the SDK (OS X Leopard 10.5.7 or higher) and an iPhone or iPod Touch.

Fifteen applicants will be selected for the free-tuition subsidy and preference will be given to those unemployed and underemployed in the northern New Jersey region. Applicants not eligible for the tuition subsidy award may still register for the October 19 or November 30th class sections and pay tuition. The schedule of all classes and the course description are available online.

This training program is funded by North Jersey Partners through the U.S. Department of Labor Education and Training Administration’s WIRED initiative.

North Jersey Partners is an innovative regional partnership of public, private and government organizations collaborating to deliver programs, training, and support to ensure the continuity of a skilled workforce to drive economic growth in northern New Jersey. CPE@NJIT, in keeping with its longstanding commitment to provide online education to Graduate and Professional Development students, has provided the instructional resources and the publicly available learning platform to host current and future sections of the iPhone OS training class

Feel like I'm Dying to Learn Rag

C'mon all of you high school grads
Uncle Sam needs your help real bad
Got himself a terrible jam
In someplace called Afghanistan
Pack up your books and load up a gun
We're gonna have a whole lot of fun

And its one, two, three "What are we fightin' for"?
Don't ask me, I don't give a damn
Just want that Federal Grant.
And its five, six, seven... Open up those Pearly Gates!
Ain't no time to wave Good Bye
Whoopee! We're all gonna die.

C'mon Congressmen let's move fast
Your one chance has come at last
Gotta blow smoke about the Meds
Cause the only cheap patient is one that's dead
You know that seats just can't be won
When we've taxxed them all to Kingdom Come.

And it's one, two three, "What are we voting for?"
Don't ask me, I know its a sham
Just want that Federal Grant
And it's five, six, seven... What the hell was WaterGate?
Ain't no time to wonder why.
Whoopee! We're all gonna die

C'mon Bankers don't lend slow
The Stimulus is go go go
Plenty of money to be made
Selling bad loans the Feds have saved.
Next time you go and kite a bond 
Back it with the Taliban!

And its one, two, three "What am I spending on?"
Don't ask me, It's way too hard
To pay my credit card
And its five, six seven... Gotta get a lower rate!
Ain't no time to save a dime
Whoopee! We're all gonna die!

C'mon Scientists now confess
Your techniques have caused a mess
The ice is melting and the earth is mad
That C O 2 is just plain bad
When the labs get flooded and you need a boat
Be glad the Greeks taught you all how to float.

And its one, two, three... "What am I living for?"
Don't ask me I don't have a Plan
Just doing the best I can
And it's five, six, seven.. Hopin' for those Pearly Gates
Ain't no rhyme or reason why,
Whoopee! We're all gonna die.

With thanks, and apologies, to Country Joe MacDonald  --forty years too late.