Weaving a more tangled web

A trend that I have never been a fan of on the Internet - sites that allow you to bad mouth others.

Most higher ed faculty know that there are sites for students to "rate" their teachers - http://www.ratemyprofessors.com and http://www.pickaprof.com are two sites where anonymous posters can say nice things and make constructive comments to benefit fellow students - OR - more likely, trash and post useless gripes.

There's a tepid counter blog site at rateyourstudents.blogspot.com which I find even more annoying.

Now there is also DontDateHimGirl.com which lets women post info on men who have been caught cheating on their wives and girlfriends or just generally treated them badly. The premise is that, like a bad professor, you can check the site's search engine and find out what to expect.

Women can post a man's name, address, photograph, and other personal information without his "permission" AND they can remain anonymous.

Is this legal? Julie Hilden asks that in her online piece where she suggests that "it's the evil twin of another site, GreatBoyfriends.com, where a woman can recommend her ex to other women. I'm guessing that DontDateHimGirl gets more hits.

Even on college campuses (the target audience) their are those pro and con on the site.

I suppose that students have been complaining about teachers since schooling began. And the ex-boyfriend bashing has been active even longer. Still, this globally public display is disturbing.


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