The Further Adventures of Pokemon Go

using the appFollowing up on my earlier post about the current Pokémon Go craze and whether it might have any educational uses, I have since seen more posts about the possible uses of the app.

Teachers Explore Uses of Pokémon Go With Autistic Students - Teaching Now The phenomena of the mobile game Pokémon Go has been touted for its learning possibilities. It might also have particular benefits for children with autism.

Evaluating the Power of Pokémon Go: Q&A with James Gee - Digital Education James Gee, a pioneer of educational video game theory, talks about the benefits and potential downsides of the Pokémon Go phenomenon.

As Pokémon Go Becomes a Sensation, Ed. Experts Weigh Pros and Cons - Digital Education Proponents point to increased attention to cultural landmarks and opportunities to weave math and reading into the game, but skeptics raise concerns about data privacy and pricing.



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