Is Windows 10 the Final Version of Windows?

A few thoughts about Windows 10.  Microsoft wants to make Windows 10 a device-agnostic platform that could be reinvented whenever and however the company wanted on any given day. CEO Satya Nadella said,"It’s not just another release of Windows, it’s the beginning of a new era."

Windows 10 is delivered as a service and is automatically updated with new features and security updates.

Think of this operating system not as a new release but as the final release. 10 will just keep evolving. Not that someone won't have to keep track of versions. What version of are you using? Right. You don't know and you don't care.

Should we think of it more like Google Chrome which stopped back in 2010 from pushing updates every few months to releasing them every six weeks and fixes could be updated whenever they were ready.

Microsoft wants 10 to be a universal operating system. One experience across PCs, tablets, phones and many other devices like Raspberry Pi, Xbox One, and their HoloLens. Microsoft says they are testing more than 2,000 devices for compatibility.

Can Microsoft deliver big updates without affecting Windows’ daily performance? There will still need to be times when it will  require Windows 10 to do an automatic restarts so that updates can take effect. 

Being that they can push updates and features to you, how often will those be things that you would NOT have chosen to download or update? Will you ever be able to reject a change?

What happens after my 1 year free trial of 10? Does Microsoft have me at their mercy? Can I go back?

For some nostalgic chuckles and grimaces, check out this Windows 95 commercial


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