Emerging Learning Design

Today, I am attending the Emerging Learning Design conference at Montclair State University in New Jersey.

The opening keynote is titled 7 Technological Changes that are Reshaping Teaching and Learning presented by Dr. Richard Halverson from the UW-Madison School of Education. In this talk, Halverson will discuss how technologies such as social media, digital media production communities, fantasy sports, massively open online games and courses, learning management systems and mobile devices are changing teaching and learning, and how such tools and practices might be directed toward creating the kinds of learning environments we want.

A number of topics during the day's schedule interest me, but I always end up selecting session at the last minute - often based on conversations over the early morning coffee!

The lunchtime Roundtable topics are: Assessment Critical Thinking Emerging Technologies Gamification & Games NMC.org New Educational Technologies Instructional Design Learning Technologies Pedagogy and Design Self-Directed Learning Twitter Users Web Development & Trends.


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