Grading Tool for Google Apps

If I had the time (or someone paid me to have the time!), I could post several new technology and learning tools every day. THere are an incredible number of tools and services in EdTech being made available. That's great - and that's a problem. There is so much that many good things simply get lost in the pile.

Most teachers can't keep up with. If they are lucky, their school has someone or a department of someones who are able to keep up with what is new and point instructors to things that might work in their particular classroom.

A good example is some thing I stumbled upon that is worth looking at if you are a user of Google Apps for Education.

logoFlubaroo is a tool that can be used with Google Forms to do formative assessment. It is a free script that was developed by a
Googler during that "20% time" that Google employees get to work on a project of interest. (Some of those projects get into the Google Lab and end up becoming something that is offered to the public. Do you know any schools that offer paid 20% time to teachers to develop resources? Just a thought...)

Flubaroo helps teachers grade assessments quickly and easily. It's a bit limited at this point in the types of assessments that it grades but it is useful and may expand if it gets use. You can grade multiple-choice or fill-in-blank assignments, compute average assignment score, average score per question, and flag low-scoring questions. It shows you a grade distribution graph and gives you the option to email each student their grade, and an answer key.

Watch a 3 minute Flubaroo demo


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