Google Media Tools and Journalists

In a recent post, Google noted that The New York Times used Google+ Hangouts to interview U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry about Syria’s chemical weapons. Also, The Weather Channel uses Google Earth to illustrate storm damage with before and after satellite images and live YouTube video. And journalist Svenska Dagbladet used the Google Maps API and crowdsourced information from readers to plot disparities in neighborhood mortgage rates as part of a story in Sweden.  

Since journalists around the world are using Google tools as for reporting and visualizing data and to further promote that use, they have launched Google Media Tools which they 
unveiled at the Online News Association ‘13 (ONA) conference. The site is more of a hub where the tools are collected than a new tool itself. That's why it seems to be a good place for teachers and students to also use.

For example, it points you to where you can get up to date information on U.S. politics and elections rather than using a largely unfiltered Google search on those terms.  

It will also expose you to tools that you may not have heard of or used, like Google Fusion Tables.  This web application lets you host, manage, collaborate on, visualize and publish data tables online. Fusion Tables takes large volumes of spreadsheet data and makes it easy to read, present and share the charts and maps. For example, you can embed them on your website - the sample below is a screenshot from from The Guardian that was used to show meat consumption around the world using Google Fusion Tables.