A Wiki Full Of Tools For Teachers

This wiki for teachers at indispensibletools.pbworks.com is a good list of Information and communication technologies in education. (That's  "ICT" to many people outside the USA.)

The list was crowd sourced from individual educators who were asked what tools they found indispensable.

Though not an exhaustive list, the wiki has a lot of possibilities. You can add a tool to the wiki by giving the product name (alphabetical order); How used; "Free" (if it is free, most are) and by adding your name in alphabetical order to the contributors list at the bottom of the page.

Here's a sample from the "S" section:

Samorost - text free puzzle game can be used to teach literacy; Used online; Free

ScrapBlog - interactive poster maker; Used online; Free

Scratch - programming language for everyone; Downloadable app; Free

Segmation - paint by numbers; Used online; Free

Shape Collage - create collages from photographs; Used online; Free

Sharepoint - create your own virtual learning environment 

Shelfari - share your bookshelf with others; Used online; Free

Shidonni - bring drawings to life; Used online; Free

Sim Earth - simulate a living planet (classic game); Downloadable app; Free

Similar Minds - repository of personality tests; Free

Skype - audio & text communication tool; Downloadable app; Free

Slideshare - upload your slideshows and share with other people; Use online; Free

SMART - interactive whiteboard system

SmugMug - photosharing site; Used online; Free (limited use)

Snapter - use a digital camera as a mobile scanner; Downloadable app; Free

SodaPlay - make virtual objects then make them move; Used online; Free

Songbird - open source music player; Downloadable app; Free

Spelling City - create spelling lists; Used online; Free

Spotify - listen to music online; Downloadable app; Free

Stripgenerator - make your own comic; Used online; Free

Stumbleupon - recommend websites to others; Used online; Free

Superclubsplus - safe social networking site for children; Used online; Free (premium service available)

Switchzoo - create your own funny animals; Used online; Free

Thanks to Laura Nicosia for the tweet about this resource.


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