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TeacherTube, a YouTube for teacher videos, is something I wrote about back in 2007 when it launched.  Now, like YouTube, they are offering TeacherTube MySite which is a co-branded version of TeacherTube for your school's (K-12 school, college, university or organization) media content.

Typically, schools will upload class videos, school documents, or audio recordings. The school gets a lot of admininstrative controls. You decide what to remove, approve, add, upload.

Of course, it doesn't have to be for the entire school - it could be a showcase for the media of your class or organization in a safe setting. You can allow staff or students to upload media to your site to expand it. You can also customize the look & feel of your site using their designs, adding a background or uploading a logo. You will also have the choice of your own personalized site URL.

It has some privacy and security settings, so you can make your site as visible or as hidden as you want. A personalized MySite will contain no ads. And you can choose to moderate everything on your site - approve members, videos, or comments.

Here's the big BUT - it is not a free service. They have several pricing plans. One option allows you to add more than 20 members/users for just $5 per user with unlimited public views for a year.

I liked the original idea of TeacherTube - teachers uploading videos they created for other teachers to use. I like the idea of allowing schools or teachers to create their own branded site-within-a-site for their content. I have done that with a channel on YouTube for students in my grad course. It's easy and convenient. It's also free. PLus, the YouTube EDU area offers many of the same features. So, I have my doubts about the viability of the "business model" for TeacherTube MySites when there are places to host your branded content without fees.


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